Transcripts of Court Proceedings

Transcripts of court proceedings are filed in electronic form.  Transcripts are available for viewing in the clerk's office, but may NOT be printed, copied or reproduced within the first 90 days after filing.  During this time, transcripts must be purchased from the court reporter.  Please call (608) 264-5936 to purchase a transcript.

Please Note: When a party requests that any portion of a transcript be sealed, that party is responsible for preparing a redacted version and sending to the court reporter for docketing.  Redacted transcripts become part of the public record 90 days after filing.  Please review the court's policy on electronic transcripts of court proceedings here.

For more information, please contact the clerk's office at (608) 264-5156.

Transcript Costs

The Judicial Conference of the United States has established rates for transcripts. VI Judicial Conference of the United States, Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures, Court Reporters' Manual, ch. 20, pt. 20.3.

Administrative Order Re: Transcript Fee Rates

Maximum Transcript Rates - All Parties Per Page

Transcript Types Delivery Times Original First Copy to
Each Party
Each Addt'l Copy
to Same Party
Ordinary 30 days after receipt of an order $3.65 $0.90 $0.60
14-Day 14 days after receipt of an order $4.25 $0.90 $0.60
Expedited 7 days after receipt of an order $4.85 $0.90 $0.60
Daily Following adjournment and prior to opening of court on the following morning $6.05 $1.20 $0.90
Hourly Within two hours $7.25 $1.20 $0.90
Realtime Draft unedited transcript electronically delivered during proceedings or immediately following adjournment $3.05 $1.20  
Realtime Feeds The fee for the number of connections (Feeds) provided One Feed Two to Four Feeds Five or more Feeds
$3.05 per page $2.10 per page $1.50 per page