Available Pro Bono Cases

Wisconsin SCR 31.05(7) states that an attorney may claim one CLE credit for every five hours of pro bono work, up to six credits per reporting period. The Western District of Wisconsin is looking for attorneys to volunteer to assist pro se parties with legal services on a pro bono basis. If an attorney, or firm, would like to volunteer legal services, but these cases are not a good fit, the Court will keep your name, or the name of your firm, on a list to contact about future representation.

These cases have passed screening, and the Court is requesting volunteers to represent on a limited or full-case basis, as identified. Please contact Melissa Hardin at 608-261-5718 with interest or questions.

  • Jeffrey Leiser

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 09/14/2017

    In Leiser v. Hannula, plaintiff Jeffrey Leiser is currently incarcerated at the New Lisbon Correctional Institution. He is proceeding to trial on Eighth Amendment deliberate indifference and Wisconsin negligence and malpractice claims against multiple individuals involved in treating Leiser's back problems while he was incarcerated at Stanley Correctional Institution. On September 14, 2017, the court granted in part and denied in part defendants' motion for summary judgment, and the claims that remain for trial are against one of Leiser's treating physicians and multiple nurses. The court granted Leiser's request for assistance in recruiting counsel and stayed the case, so the next step is for the court to set a scheduling conference to reset all trial-related deadlines. Included are plaintiff's complaint and the screening order.

  • Juan Nieto

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 03/20/2018

    In Nieto v. Dittman, plaintiff Juan Nieto's first language is Spanish -- he knows some English, but it appears he isn't fluent, so a Spanish-speaking attorney would be helpful. Several Eighth Amendment deliberate indifference & medical malpractice claims survived summary judgment and are headed to trial. Plaintiff's claims concern prison staff's failure to diagnose two broken toes for several years. Included is plaintiff's complaint.

  • Robert Alexander

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 05/25/2018

    Plaintiff Robert Alexander is proceeding on deliberate indifference claims against his former & current DOC doctors concerning delay in treating his throat cancer and failure to provide him with sufficient pain medication. Mr. Alexander cannot hear or speak - he communicates by writing. Included is the screening order.

  • Charles Spangler

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 07/29/2018

    Plaintiff Charles Spangler suffers from various physical and mental impairments and was found disabled by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge.  When detained at the Eau Claire County Jail, he claims the jail denied his requests for accommodation resulting from its policy locking detainees out of their cell twice a day for 4 hours at a time. Spangler was allowed to proceed on Fourteenth Amendment claims against jail officials, a doctor, and a nurse at the jail.  Most of his claims have survived summary judgment.  All remaining dates have been stayed, the next step is a scheduling conference to reset the trial date. Included are the amended complaint, the screening order, and order on summary judgment.   

  • Erick Peterson

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 08/31/2108

    Plaintiff Erick Peterson is proceeding on grounds that several corrections officers used excessive force against him, and a physician and a nurse failed to give him adequate medical care.  He has survived summary judgment.  The next step is recruiting counsel and resetting the trial date.  Included are the order for recruitment of counsel, the summary judgment decision, and the amended complaint.

  • Timothy Talley

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 10/23/2018

    Plaintiff Timothy Talley is currently incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institution.  He underwent a spinal fusion surgery and claims that he suffers such severe pain that he cannot walk without assistance.  His lawsuit alleges deliberate indifference to severe pain and his physical condition.  Some of his claims survived summary judgment because the facts provided raise complex issues concerning the adequacy of treatment plaintiff received for his pain, and the accommodations he received.  The trial date has been struck pending recruitment of trial counsel.  Included are the summary judgment decision, screening order, and complaint.

  • Matthew LaBrec

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 11/07/2018

    Plaintiff LaBrec has survived summary judgment on his claim that while in the restrictive housing unit at Columbia Correctional Institution, several prison staff members failed to prevent his engaging in self harm in violation of the Eighth Amendment and state law.  Judge Peterson is specifically looking for counsel to represent Mr. LaBrec at trial.  Attached please find the court's summary judgment decision, screening order and the complaint.  The next step would be to reset the trial date.