Available Pro Bono Cases

Wisconsin SCR 31.05(7) states that an attorney may claim one CLE credit for every five hours of pro bono work, up to six credits per reporting period. The Western District of Wisconsin is looking for attorneys to volunteer to assist pro se parties with legal services on a pro bono basis. If an attorney, or firm, would like to volunteer legal services, but these cases are not a good fit, the Court will keep your name, or the name of your firm, on a list to contact about future representation.

These cases have passed screening, and the Court is requesting volunteers to represent on a limited or full-case basis, as identified. Please contact Melissa Hardin at 608-261-5718 with interest or questions.

  • Robert Alexander

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 05/25/2018

    Plaintiff Robert Alexander is proceeding on deliberate indifference claims against his former & current DOC doctors concerning delay in treating his throat cancer and failure to provide him with sufficient pain medication. Mr. Alexander cannot hear or speak - he communicates by writing. Included is the screening order.

  • Charles Spangler

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 07/29/2018

    Plaintiff Charles Spangler suffers from various physical and mental impairments and was found disabled by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge.  When detained at the Eau Claire County Jail, he claims the jail denied his requests for accommodation resulting from its policy locking detainees out of their cell twice a day for 4 hours at a time. Spangler was allowed to proceed on Fourteenth Amendment claims against jail officials, a doctor, and a nurse at the jail.  Most of his claims have survived summary judgment.  All remaining dates have been stayed, the next step is a scheduling conference to reset the trial date. Included are the amended complaint, the screening order, and order on summary judgment.   

  • James Kirk

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 04/04/2018

    Plaintiff is proceeding on 8th Amendment claims that he was denied adequate medical treatment for a serious heart condition by various defendants at Jackson Correctional Institution.  The case is stayed pending recruitment of counsel.  The next step would be a new scheduling conference to reset all dates, including filing any dispositive motions.

  • Justin VanDera

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 08/28/2018

    Plaintiff is an inmate at Fox Lake Correctional Institution.  His claims are about his time at Waupun Correctional Institution: he alleges that staff disregarded his thoughts of self-harm and placed him in an unsanitary observation cell. Some of his claims are set for trial, while others may be the subject of supplemental summary judgment briefing.  Included are his amended complaint and the court's order which provides an overview of the case and grants his motion to recruit counsel.

  • Timothy Talley

    14-cv-783-jdp and 17-cv-670-jdp

    Plaintiff Timothy Talley, an inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution, currently has two cases before the court. In case no. 14-cv-783-jdp, Talley brings Eighth Amendment and Rehabilitation Act claims against prison officials for failing to properly treat and accommodate his painful spine condition. In case no. 17-cv-760-jdp, he brings Eighth Amendment, First Amendment retaliation, and Wisconsin-law negligence claims regarding the prison’s medication-distribution system that caused him to receive incorrect medication. The parties have expressed interest in mediating the cases together. The court seeks counsel to represent Talley at mediation.  Included is the summary judgment order in ’14 case and the original and amended screening orders in ’17 case.

  • Thomas McKee

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 10/17/2018

    Plaintiff McKee is challenging a behavior modification plan at Waupun Correctional Institution under which he was held in full body restraints for more than a month.  The court is looking for pro bono representation for motions practice and trial.  Attached are the court’s screening order and order recruiting counsel.

  • Ivan Johnson

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 08/24/2017

    Plaintiff Ivan Johnson, a prisoner incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institution, brings an Eighth Amendment medical care claim against a nurse at his previous prison, Waupun Correctional Institution, for withholding medication prescribed him by an outside doctor following stomach surgery. The court denied in part defendants’ motion for summary judgment. Counsel is needed for trial.

  • Alphoncy Dangerfield

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 01/17/2018

    Plaintiff Alphoncy Dangerfield, a prisoner at Oshkosh Correctional Institution, alleges that when he was housed at Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, prison officials failed to properly treat his diabetes and hyperglycemia. The court granted summary judgment to defendants on aspects of Dangerfield’s claims, but concluded that counsel would be needed to conduct additional discovery to ascertain which of his medical providers were responsible for the alleged deprivations in care, and to litigate complex medical issues involved in the case. Included are the summary judgment order, the partial summary judgment order, and the screening order.

  • La'Mont Walker

    Date Granted Leave to Proceed: 06/22/2016

    Plaintiff La’Mont Walker is currently a prisoner at United States Penitentiary, Big Sandy. Walker alleges that when he was incarcerated at Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, Wisconsin Department of Corrections employees violated his Eighth Amendment rights by failing to provide him with an extra mattress or other accommodations for his chronic back pain. Included are the complaint and the court’s orders screening the complaint and ruling on the parties’ first and second summary judgment motions.