Attorney Admissions

Any lawyer licensed to practice before the highest court of any state or the District of Columbia is eligible for admission to practice in the Western District of Wisconsin.

The admission process is completed by submitting an electronic application for admission and paying the prescribed fee of $238.  Attorneys will receive an e-mail during the application process that contains a link to the payment website,  The clerk's office independently confirms the attorney's standing with the appropriate state supreme court; submission of a certificate of good standing is not required.

A certificate of admission is mailed to the attorney once the application is approved. By logging back into the admission system, attorneys may check on the admission process.  Once the application is approved, an admission to practice in the Western District of Wisconsin is permanent.

Attorney Lookup Feature

Attorneys can now check the date of their admission to practice in the Western District of Wisconsin by using the attorney lookup feature in ECF. 

Pro Hac Vice

In order to appear in a particular matter without becoming a member of the bar of this court, attorneys must register for ECF using the electronic application and file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice.  A fee of $100 for each pro hac vice motion is required at the time the motion is filed, and is paid through

To appear pro hac vice in the District Court:

1.  Register for electronic filing
2.  Electronically file a motion to appear pro hac vice; and
3.  Pay the $100 fee when prompted.

Certificate of Good Standing and/or Duplicate Certificate of Admission

If you are an attorney already admitted to the Western District of Wisconsin and would like to request a certificate of good standing and/or a duplicate certificate of admission, click here to complete our online request form and electronically pay the associated fee.  Please refer to the Court's fee schedule for the appropriate payment amount.  Once the form is submitted, your request will be completed within three to five business days. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jaime at 608-261-5713.

Changing Your Contact Information

To change your name, firm, mailing address or telephone number, please update your information with your state bar first, then send an e-mail to to make changes to your account in ECF.  Changes will apply to all open cases in which you have appeared, including cases that are on appeal, unless you request otherwise.

Please Note: If you change firms, you should change your primary e-mail address before you depart to one that you can access after you depart.  This is necessary to perform any future maintenance on your account, including the addition of secondary e-mail addresses at your new firm.

Maintaining Your Email

To add or change an e-mail address, or add secondary recipients, log into ECF and select Utilities > Maintain Your E-mail.

Use of Attorney Rooms During Trial

Rooms are randomly assigned the Wednesday before trial.  A room may be requested by calling 608-261-5731. If one party requests a room, the clerk's office will assign a room to each party in the case. However, the court cannot guarantee that rooms will be available, nor can the court provide a separate space for attorneys to eat lunch.