Online Criminal Debt Payments FAQ

  • The checking account number was put in twice and two payments were deducted. Can one of the payments be refunded?

    Probably not.  The court can only refund if there is an overpayment on a criminal debt.  If there is still a balance due, an accidental payment cannot be refunded.

  • A confirmation was never received after payment information was entered into Should it be reentered?

    No!  This may result in two payments being processed.  If this happens, close the browser window in which is open.  The next day, check the credit card or bank account used to make the payment to verify whether the payment was processed.  Or, call the court at 608-261-5721 and the Financial Administrator can help verify the payment.

    PLEASE NOTE! Using the browser's "Back" button while a payment is processing is likely to result in a duplicate payment.  Never interrupt the payment process by using the"Back" button. Duplicate payments are not refunded if there is still a balance due on a criminal debt.


  • How does a party look up a CCAM number?

    Call the court at 608-261-5721.  The Financial Administrator can help locate the CCAM number. 

  • What is a CCAM number? Is that different than a case number?

    The Federal Judiciary has adopted a standard number format for maintaining financial records for criminal cases, called the CCAM number.

    Monthly payment coupons should reference "Court Case Number" and "CCAM Number."  The CCAM number is used in to make certain defendants receive proper credit for payments made. 

  • Can businesses that are ordered to pay a fine use the system to make monthly payments?

    Yes. Mark "Business" as the defendant type on the Criminal Debt Payment form. 

  • Can a payment be made on behalf of another person?

    Yes, all that is necessary is the person's CCAM number.  Be certain to check the "Third-Party Payer" box on the payment form, which allows entry of the payors information, as well as entry of information for whom the payment is made.

  • Payments are usually made with a money order or cashier's check. Can online payments be made using a money order or other secured check?

    No. Money orders or cashier's checks must continue to be mailed to the court.

  • What payment methods can be used with

    Payments may be made using a checking or savings account number, or with a plastic card (credit, debit or prepaid card) that has a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or an American Express logo.