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Transcripts of Court Proceedings


Transcripts of court proceedings in the Western District of Wisconsin are filed electronically.  Electronic transcripts are available for viewing at the clerk's office but may NOT be copied or reproduced during the first 90 days after filing.  During this period, transcripts must be purchased directly from the court reporters, either in paper or electronic form.  Please call (608) 255-3821 to inquire about purchasing a transcript.


When a court reporter is unavailable, hearings may be digitally recorded. Audio CDs or transcripts of these proceedings are available.  For more information contact the clerk's office at (608) 264-5156.



Transcript Costs

The Judicial Conference of the United States has established rates for transcripts. VI Judicial Conference of the United States, Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures, Court Reporters' Manual, ch. 20, pt. 20.3.


Order on Transcript Costs