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Courtroom Technology


Automated Evidence Presentation

In courtrooms 250 and 260, you can:


  • Display evidence in the courtroom using a document camera or laptop computer.  An image of the evidence is displayed on monitors already in position for counsel, the court, the witness and members of the jury. 
  • Selectively display the exhibit to any or all of the people listed above.
  • Play video files and DVDs without renting players or monitors.
  • Run computer-animated reenactments from a laptop computer.
  • Use your own trial presentation software to display your evidence.

Additionally, exhibits can be annotated by attorneys and witnesses using touch-sensitive monitors.  You can annotate an exhibit, retain the original without annotations, keep a copy with annotations, and do all this without managing multiple photocopies or leaving the courtroom.



Technology Training

A member of our staff is available for on-demand courtroom technology training to show you how to make the most of these resources.  Please contact the Clerk's Office at (608) 264-5156 to schedule an appointment.