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Opinion Search


This is a publicly accessible database of orders and opinions selected by the issuing judge.  It includes decisions that have been published in legal reporters and decisions that will not be published.

Citing Opinions

You may cite both published and unpublished opinions in briefs filed with this court.  However, other courts may have rules or procedures prohibiting the use of unpublished material.  Please consult the rules of the court where you intend to use this material before citing these opinions.


Any litigant who intends to refer to unpublished opinions or orders on this web site must insure (1) that the opposing party has access to the web site, or (2) if access to the web site is not available, that a copy of the cited document is provided to the opposing party.  An example of an appropriate citation for an unpublished opinion is as follows: Tinder v. Pinkerton Security, 00-C-170-C, September 25, 2000.


Document Format

All opinions contained in this database are stored in portable document format (pdf).  Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this material.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe's web site.



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